“Energy Efficient Heating”, Know different options

Are you trying to save energy, comprehend the efficient options of home heating as a great start. Generally, households spend a hefty amount in temperate climates on their energy budget working on keeping their homes warm. Especially important for landlords now with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards coming into effect.

In case you are serious about the current heating system overhauling or even about building a new home featuring efficient Landlordheating in the home, it is a must your understand the different heating systems available now.

The energy efficient home heating option means having air-sealed and well insulated home so that it prevents heat escape. In this way you can use cheap, efficient or low carbon as energy source. Now the most energy efficient heating options for your home are:

•    Solar heating
•    Wood heating
•    Natural gas heating
•    Geothermal heating
•    Oil heating
•    Electrical heating

Speaking about efficient heating choices for the home, it is taken into consideration the environmental cost, financial cost, conversion of original energy source efficiency into heat within your home.

•    Considering energy efficiency conversion, we may start taking into facts that solar and geothermal are free and they extract 4 times more heat energy that can be pumped out using the electricity.
•    Referring to financial costs, this includes the installation and the energy costs or yearly costs.

There is no doubt that the most energy efficient heating is the solar heating as home heating system.  Solar heating is the cheapest in installation and operation as there is no need to get any specialized equipment. There is just a need to take advantage of the sunlight and it must convert the same into heat and pass it through sun-facing closed windows, such that the heat is within the house. However, this is possible only with proper insulation and sealing. As this energy is free, it involves no operating costs and is also the most efficient heating option.

Wood heat is also low-cost if free firewood is within your access. Wood is energy efficient if you have wood pellet, woodstove, fireplace insert and above all your woodstove should burn cleanly. You can heat with open fireplace such that it combines heat from the fire and thus a lot of air is pulled up by the chimney inside your house. This will pull cool air through windows or doors leaks.

Natural gas is the cheapest conventional heating fuel than electricity. In fact, it turns to be cheaper than home heating oil, even with fluctuating prices for both commodities.
Geothermal is the also energy efficient heating source with respect to the environmental costs. This is because the energy actually used to heat your home is extracted from the ground. (Geo is the earth, and thermal relates to heat.)A geothermal system employs the compressor/evaporator system that extracts heat from a refrigerator. It uses electricity that is produced by burning coal or fossil fuels yet, geothermal releases fewer pollutants or greenhouse gases than heating with natural gas, oil, or electric heat.

Electric is the most expensive heating choice, except if the electricity rates are artificially subsidized in some areas.


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Energy efficient heating, simple cooking tips to ensure energy efficiency

Are you concerned about the alarming utility bills, look for ways that can help in cutting utility bills cost.  You may consider ways that ensure your home offers energy efficient heating. There are simple approaches to slash your energy cost and it does not ask you to compromise on the conveniences you enjoy at your home. In fact, the truth is that even small practices save you big money while cooking.   Making the process energy efficient while cooking is possible with these tips:

1.    Initiate energy efficient heating by stocking up the oven, so that you save energy and time.  Baking just one meal in your oven may be expensive as the ovens do not come with the option meant for heating only one shelf.  Keeping this in mind, bake several meals at one stretch so that in one session you cook all that you require and use the required energy. Thus you can save energy on heating with a little of planning ahead and cooking in one session.
2.    Once you are done with the cooking process, you may leave the oven door open and get the heat spread within your home. Thus enjoy the warmth using this heating system. Instead of wasting out the oven heat, guide it to your kitchen through the extractor fan. Thus the stored heat is beneficial and ovens do not have smoke so, the warmth flowing into your house ensures energy efficient heating.
3.     Referring to energy efficiency, you may scrape of food completely from the dishes to be washed. This saves energy and also gets cleaned thoroughly. It is mandatory that you avoid pre-rinsing of the dishes to remove food scrapes or any dirt using the hot or warm water before placing it for wash in the dishwasher. Allow the process of the dishwasher to handle and thus save a little energy.
4.    Ensure you keep your fridge and the freezer rightly stocked such that they do not work too much. The energy consumption of your fridge and the freezer is right when it is well stocked than when your freezer or fridge is empty. This is because empty spaces end wasting space and energy, thereby there is a necessity to make use of the space you have in the freezer and the fridge. Also, ensure, you do not over fill your fridge because this may not keep everything cool and fresh.
5.    Your cooker rings must be put to proper use. The smaller pans must be fitted with smaller rings and this is also useful for heating small meals or other small heating purposes. On the other hand, the bigger rings or even using a big pan for small rings is mere waste of energy while heating. It ends up heating the big pan on the small ring for a longer time. Be reasonable while using the cooker and thus in this process ensure saving energy.

Following energy efficient heating processes is helpful in saving energy and your utility bills.